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My fic master list is at Dreamwidth, sorted by fandom: index updated through 7/11/2014.

For convenience, most of my fic is also up at faviconjedibuttercup and Twisting the Hellmouth.

Find my latest Dear Author letters here: 2014 Not Primetime Player | 2013 Dear Yulegoat

Most of my personal posts are under friends-lock, and I don't friend back very often; nothing personal, I just don't tend to notice unless someone comments, or we cross paths elsewhere. So by all means, feel free to speak your mind. :-)


PG; gen; B:tVS/Star Trek TOS; 800 words. Challenge fic, from August 18. Also for a TTHFFA prompt.

Elsewhere in 'Fleet, a security officer surviving eight away missions was merely competent. But on this ship? Well, there was a reason the Captain knew Spike's name.

More Things in Heaven and EarthCollapse )

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lm - giles
PG; gen; B:tVS/ID4; 2100 words. Challenge fic, from August 17. 5th of Buffy Summers, Alien Slayer.

"In case of apocalypse, break Slayer, I know," Buffy said. "Oops; I mean, summon Slayer."

What Do You Mean, Oops?Collapse )

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lm - xander
PG; gen; B:tVS/SG-1; 1100 words. Challenge fic, from August 15.

This one, Vala would have been tempted to wink and woo, had she met him in another situation.

Like a House On FireCollapse )

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buffy and daniel
PG; gen; B:tVS/SG-1; 500 words. Challenge fic, from August 14. Also for a TTHFFA prompt. Silliness!

"It's amazing how many men refuse to take correction from a beautiful woman," the other woman clucked her tongue.

There Are Two of ThemCollapse )

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Fic: Sallying Forth [K+; Angel/SG-1]

PG; Angel/SG-1; 1300 words. Challenge fic, from Aug 13; 5th in the Starting Over series.

It had been one thing to know that his new job involved extra-terrestrial beings and space travel; another entirely to stand behind Major Carter and her demon-infested father and stare down at the curve of the Earth from above.

Sallying ForthCollapse )

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jo lupo
PG; gen; Angel/Eureka; 900 words. Challenge fic, from August 12. Also for a TTHFFA prompt.

The stranger was several inches taller than Jo, brown-haired and blue-eyed and scruffy around the jaw line, and fortunately a lot more British-sounding than Zane or she might have wondered just what message the universe was trying to send her.

Just Another MondayCollapse )

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major davis
PG; gen; B:tVS/Eureka; 850 words. Challenge fic, from August 11. Kind of pointless!

"Um. How many days of sleep deprivation does it take before you start hallucinating?" Buffy frowned, squinting at the stranger with the goatee hovering behind Giles' shoulder.

Checking for Light LeaksCollapse )

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lm - dawn
PG; gen; B:tVS/SG-1; 500 words. Challenge fic, from August 2. Follow-up to Gently Down the Stream.

Dawn could practically feel Jon's eyes boring into her from the driver's seat, and couldn't quite keep the corner of her mouth from curling up in response.

Roadtrips Are The WorstCollapse )

(x-posted to twistedshorts and at AO3)
Gen; Pacific Rim, 1800 words, slice of life fic. For the 2014 not_primetime exchange.

Non-Rangers who know anything about the Drift tend to assume that compatibility at its finest means Rangers who make no distinction between themselves and their co-pilots. That's true; but it's also only half the story.

like there's no tomorrow

(Linked @ the AO3 collection; written for tooth_and_claw)
T; Leverage x Pacific Rim (2013), 1600 words. Post-finale and pre-movie. For Day 11 of 2013.

"Let's go steal a Jaeger," Parker said, smiling a wolf's smile.

three to make ready

(Linked @ wishlist_fic and AO3; written for edenfalling)

Fic Update: Never Look Back (24/32)

never look back
Fight scenes are still not my forte, who knew? And that Falling Skies fic posed a distraction this last month, I admit. But I'm still determined to finish this by year's end so I can resume my other WIPs: "Back Again, Harry?" and "Adventures in Rome", among others. *pushing up sleeves*

Chapter Twenty-Four: ᚾ Marks the Spot

(Saga index on LJ or at the AO3.)
Title: Waiting for the Dawn
Author: jedibuttercup
Fandom(s): Falling Skies
Rating: R/Mature; language and canon-typical violence
Warnings/Notes: A Falling Skies canon divergent AU, beginning during 3.05 "Search and Rescue" and continuing through the end of the season. Summary and chapter titles borrowed from the Popul Vuh. Contains low-key slash; canon-typical h/c, angst, and interpersonal conflict; semi-canonical death of a minor character; family feels; and a hopeful, sort-of-fixit ending.

Summary: "Such was the defeat of the rulers of Xibalba: accomplished only through wonders, only through self-transformation." 43,500 words.

Link to Fic: Story at Dreamwidth | Story at AO3

Acknowledgements: To sulien, pronker, edenfalling and xlade for being a huge encouragement when I needed it, and everyone else who reads and comments on my more obscure work.

Recommended Reading

The not_primetime collection is now open for reading! (It's the summer mid-size fandom version of Yuletide, with maybe a tenth the participation).

Written for me, both by so-far-Anon, two delightful fic starring two of my oldest OTPs:
* A River Dances Through It (Firefly; post-series; River/Mal)
* Interesting (Angel; post-series; Wes/Illyria)

I encourage reading them, and sampling elsewhere in the archive; there are a lot of gems in there!

... In other news, I apparently won a few awards in Round 29 of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards; as always, I hugely appreciate these nominations and votes! It helps me remember that my stuff does put smiles on other people's faces when I'm busy being impatient about some of my more obscure stuff getting little attention. :)

* Handle With Care - Best Book Crossover, Best Book Crossover Pairing
* Canceling the Apocalypse - Best Movie Crossover (Runner Up)
* Best Job Share Ever? - Best Movie Crossover Pairing
* Veritas Vos Liberabit - Best Movie Crossover Pairing (Runner Up)
* Grave Survivors - Best TV Crossover Pairing (Runner Up)

Ficlet: Balancing Accounts (Drive Angry)

drive angry
T; Drive Angry (2011); 500w. An ambiguously het movie tag, set in the Watered With Blood universe.

For all that John Milton was literally damned, he had been granted rather more of the Lord's infinite mercy than most.

Balancing AccountsCollapse )

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falling skies
T; Falling Skies; 500w. Tag for Season 2 (companion to Between the Skitters and the Deep Black Sky)

Just like that first confrontation with One Eye... Tom knew, deep in his gut, that it didn't actually matter whether the Volm were telling the truth.

Raise Our Flags, Don Our ClothesCollapse )

(x-posted to fallin_skies and at AO3)


falling skies
So I finally found a place to stop channeling the Falling Skies story. 43,500 words in two weeks.

This kind of thing does not happen to me. I guess there were just... some things that my subconscious really, really felt needed to be said?

Gonna paste the five chaptery bits into a single doc with header graphic and fill in the author's notes in the morning; I'm only gonna get, ugh, maybe three hours sleep before work. Since this weekend I am not gonna be around. (CRATER LAKE, YEAH). Which means. Posting sometime next week, probably?

BUT LO, IT IS DONE. Strange mishmash of getting-together-fade-to-black slash and journey fic and spy adventure and h/c and grieving and family fluff and SERIES EFFING FIXIT that it is. *collapses*


sparkles and badass

coffee plz
I'm a very novice PHP programmer. Let me just say that up front. But I picked up a new trick today in pursuit of a work project, and informed my boss that whatever else happened, it made my day 'sparkles and badass' to be able to tell our coworker 'yes, and here's the test!' instead of 'uh, I have no idea...', and all it took was a half hour of internet research and a little trial and error. :)

In other news: I am 18,600 words into a mid-season 3 Falling Skies canon divergence story that seems headed in a distinctly Tom Mason/John Pope direction. Plus, you know, a garnish of Mason Family Love including Dan Weaver and Maggie. I am not quite to the Tom/Anne fallout part yet-- not going to fridge her, I swear, despite being peeved with her role that season-- as the story seems liable to go another 10K or so words minimum before all my metacommentary on Season 3 is sufficiently vented. Don't ask me where it came from; except maybe that I rewatched all 30 episodes last week in prep for the new season, and got clubbed across the face with "BUT IF THEY HAD ONLY...."

Back to "Never Look Back" next week, I swear. I know just what Buffy's up to in that chapter. But Tom and Pope really want their say first, and I don't argue with steamrolling plot bunnies this large. And to give you an idea of just how seriously I mean that 'steamrolling' bit, even beyond the unusual wordcount: I actually went to the bookstore, hunted down a translation of Popol Vuh, and read it just to find an appropriate enough tagline for this thing.

... I don't suppose anyone is actually interested in reading this monster? Even just to read; not beta. Is there actually an audience for a "what if they actually talked to each other instead of randomly breaking into a fistfight in enemy controlled territory, and things snowballed from there" kind of thing? The fandom is still seriously teeny on AO3. And even on the number of adult-centric non-OC-romance stories is pretty microscopic, never mind slash of any kind.

30 Day Photo Meme: Day 30

the rock
And here we are: the very last day of the meme. I hope you've enjoyed the pictures - thank you to those of you who've commented over the last thirty days! I've had fun sharing them with you.

Went literal with two of these, and metaphorical on the last. :)

Day 30 - a photo of something bigCollapse )

30 Day Photo Meme: Day 29

snow white
Had some fun with this one. No humans or family pets involved, though oddly enough two of the pictures are in fact of living creatures. :)

Day 29 - a photo of something smallCollapse )

30 Day Photo Meme: Day 28

geek inside
I've already done plenty of "someone" photos; and I don't want to choke up thumbing through them again today. So I'm going to go with a few "some things" that I haven't yet illustrated in this meme. :)

Day 28 - a photo of something/one special to youCollapse )

30 Day Photo Meme: Day 27

Tells a story, or illustrates a story? I went with both interpretations here: the first two come with stories from my own life, and the third powerfully invokes a particular piece of literature to me.

Day 27 - a photo (or photos) that tells a storyCollapse )

30 Day Photo Meme: Day 26

I went with old as in "millions of years" with this one. The first's my favorite, but I was awestruck by the others, too. This world has so many amazing things in it.

Day 26 - a photo of something oldCollapse )

30 Day Photo Meme: Day 25

emo bashir
This is such a personal one; I can't even really articulate them, so I'm going to offer them mostly without comment. But I think you can probably guess what they mean to me.

Day 25 - a photo that represents an emotionCollapse )
nick burkhardt
T; B:tVS x Grimm (tv), 2500 words. Post-Chosen, no comics; post-S2. For Day 10 of 2013.

It wasn't a gentle love that bound them together, Slayer to half-wesen Prince to Grimm. Hunters to one who should have been their prey; servants to one who in another age would have commanded their allegiance.

a storm with silken reins

(Linked @ wishlist_fic and AO3; written for xgirl2222)

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